Saturday, May 17, 2008

holiday here i come

yiiiihaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!holiday is coming to town santa coming to town semester break just started.sampai biler pon aku tak tau.malas nak amek tau.janji aku cuit.harap result kuh elok2 lah semua.haih..menyesal main-main blajar.mende lah yang aku dok ingat spanjang study pon aku tak tau.

24.05.2008 : an impotant date for me. CONVOCATION DAY!! i told you before it was a long and depressed years for me.maybe you think culinary arts is an easy program.but when you are in the field it is not as easy as you need to show your talent on decorating the food and your passionate to the food itself.if you don't like cooking,then it will be a big problem for.i like to cook.i like arts of the culinary and gastronomy thing.but it just don't fit me very well.i just don't find my talent.i just wish i had a job after i graduate my degree.then maybe i will continue to study business.
ouuhhh...i miss my ex-classmates..wiieee.


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