Thursday, May 15, 2008


morning's a boring day i should always.wake up in the morning at 7[i'm period ok...].eat my breakfast while watching CSI.then read newspaper.then start to lipat baju yang setimbun.then turn on my desktop and start to chat with whoever is online.whether i know them or not.*sigh*

this is boring...yeayyy...tomorrow i'll be back to shah alam.i have this convo rehearsal on 17th.yipppiieee...i graduate from my diploma's been a tough time for three i'm pursuing my degree.2 more years.i'm really sick of studying.but i'm not ready to get a job.what should i do?

i don't miss anyone currently.i feel comfortable here.eventhis is not my house is currently on a renovation.maybe we will move back on august.that will be a long time.nak dekat puasa skali..raye ngan umah baru la.

i feel stress about my coming result.i should done better.i play a lot.sleep more than i should.but i don't have time and money for shopping.pity me.[:'_':].i don't have new shoes, new dress, new lingeries and i don't have time to melalak-ing and gig-ing.poor miss freeda.she left at home without nobody.


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