Saturday, November 15, 2008

ouhh..i wish

i wish i have a bestfriend
so we could share our tears and cheers
we could have fun togather
laugh togather

or is it because of me?
because i hate sharing
i hate to care bout others
it's not about i hate,it just i don't know how to

i wish i could take a picture with my friend
picture we are having our best moment
celebrating every moment togather

i wish i could find a friend
a friend that i call true friend
but am i a true friend?
i don't even know


did you know how it hurts me so much
keep on waiting
is it worth fighting for?
no..i don't think so

i won't hope anymore
i don't want to be like Snow White
waiting for a handsome prince to come and kiss
i don't want to be like cinderella
waiting for somebody to save

cik kedondong


Lup-duP said...

If Only ........

we keep on hoping and hoping ..hope someday he/she will comes...

if oNly ...

meo188 said...

i like this.


incek ferdz said...

if only love could find us all..~

eceh..jiwang plak aku..~ =p

Lup-duP said...

nothing is imposibble..darkl ...

if only ppl know that ....and the dont lost hope.

If Only

NaDia~ said...

wish u luck in finding ur true lurve,darling! :)

eatmyshort said...

"or is it because of me?
because i hate sharing"

aku pun hate sharing jugak
sbb tu byk yg xtau aku ada mslh
just lately byk share kt blog
tu pun tulis tapis2 spy org xtau isi hati aku yg sbnr
sbrla cik
aku kan ada

cik kedondong said...

"sharing is caring"

kdg2 aku benci ayat tuh
bagi aku

"sharing is busy body"