Saturday, July 19, 2008

saturday morning entry

good morning's a good day to have a jog around taman tasik shah alam.BUT,there is but,if you woke up late, you won't be able to feel the fresh air...huuuuummmmppppp...aaaaaaaahhhh[breath in and out session]..i need a very long day after what i've been through this whole week.kesian kan?

okey..the first thing that i do after solat subuh,smestinya..marathon harry potter movies.i don't really remember how many times i have watch this movie.what i can say is i am obsessed with this movie.i never get board..skip it..

i need to take a shower.coz i want to meet my auntie.we have so many programs including poco-poco..woohoooo.daaa..



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