Friday, July 18, 2008

foodservice management courses for sem 4

hye..this week is my most miserable week.i already register 9 courses for this sem.can you imagine? 9 COURSES.and i have almost 25 credit hour.but still i'm in a big dilemma.whether to drop my fundamentals of hospitality or not.

if i take it this sem,i'll have 9 courses,but 25 credit hours.but if i take it next semester,than i only have 8 courses,BUT 26 credit hours.which one do you think is better?but next semester i had 3 classes with 4 credit hour.i'm in a big trouble.if i take for this semester,i'll be doing all the work group alone.i repeat ALONE.well that's not the problem.i just have a problem with doing work group with some unknown people.

for now there is 8 courses that i confirm that i will take it..yess!!yakin boleh!

HTC 520 - this is theory class for ADVANCE PASTRY AND CONFECTIONERY.i'll be learning about history of puff pastry and everything that is related to pastry..can you imagine?HISTORY OF PASTRY AND terrible is that..but luckily,we also had kitchen..wiiieee!!i love cooking especially pastry and confectionery every week i will bake different types of bakeries cool is that?

HTC 540 - this is HOSPITALITY PROCUREMENT.i learn everything starts from issuing,purchasing,recieving,storing activities.what's the important when to make a contract and bla..bla..bla..

HTF 554 - NUTRITION FOR FOODSERVICE PROFFESSIONAL.this is a pre-requisite subject from HUMAN NUTRITION.i love nutrtion.we will learn how to make a balance diet for everyone.

HTF 573 - this is ADVANCE FOOD where we had to inovate food as our on--going is it?.you have to design or create a food that different from the market..this is not decorating food ok..please don't misunderstand.we have to invent something that can eat,but still has the nutrition are there.

CTU 553 - this is ETHNIC RELATIONSHIP.but i don't know what are we going to learn becoz i did'nt come to the class last week. =P

HTF 552 - ouhhh..this is MENU DESIGN AND ENGINEERING.what will you think when you read the course name?sounds like very.....[i don't know what to say].but still, it is a subject of how to make a think it ridiculous right?but wait till you study and see the text book.then you'll know what it's all about.

BEL 492 - this is english subject.but for this sem we learn about PERSONAL to present individually.luckily no paper.just on going mark.

BFR 501 - i still had a problem with group registration.but i'm taking FRENCH.yeay!!!

HTM 400 - this is the subject that i still in a dilemma

p/s: simple but terrible you think so?


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