Thursday, August 7, 2008

wish me luck

hello friends..wish me luck for's not a very big thing actually.but since this is an assignment, and i have to present it formally,so i am quite scared.scared if my speech less than 2 minutes or exceed more than 3 minutes[that's ok actually].but can i do it if i just need to present an introduction..i repeat INTRODUCTION between 2-3 a formal way..

i think i will have a big problem since my grammar is soooooo bad and lousy.and i'm afraid if my mind start to forget everything,and i start o shaking like an earthquake just happen in malaysia..

oh my..i'm soo afraid..

daaa..i need a lot of practice.

p/s:subject BEL 492, PRESENTATION SKILL.



meo188 said...

gud luck :)

freeda said...

tenkiu =p

Whimsy! said...

gud luck dearie!hafal but be spontaneous at the same time..confirm ok..=)