Monday, August 25, 2008

poem[curik dri shylla amzah]

Crumbled papers
Of poems about you
Written with words
That will never come true

Written in ink
That will never fade away
The hopeful words
I wish I could say

Hands still shaking
As I continue to write
Scribbled letters
Of black and white

Eager to tell you
How I feel
Wishing I could prove
My love is real

i steal borrow this poem from shylla amzah..from her facebook with her permission of course..i don't steal people's work without credit them ..the poem is so simple,easy to understand but still meaningful..woot* i'm in love with someone who i don't think still exist.

pe yang aku menggelabah tulis tunggang tebalik..maafkan lah aku

cik kedondong


ijad said...

salam... tak nak join gath ke...

freeda said...

gathering pe?